TAGin3D has developed a range of 3D filaments with permanent antimicrobial protection. While this silver ion technology is used and tested against bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, recent tests have shown effectiveness against COVID-19. These products provide antibacterial surface protection throughout the life cycle of your product.Parts printed with antibacterial filaments help reduce the spread of microbes in sensitive environments.

PLA Premium Antibacterial Filament 1kg
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
Parts printed with PLA Premium Antibacterial™ filament reduce 80% of bacteria in contact with your part within 15 minutes and up to 90.99% within 2 hours.
Acetate Antibacterial Filament 1kg
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
This filament was developed for the purpose of making parts that could potentially be contaminated by COVID-19. The result shows that the antibacterial action is also efficient on other bacteria.

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