The PET or PETG filament that makes up our range of polyester filament has been specially developed for 3D printing. Easy to print, thermally, chemically and dimensionally stable, these filaments are versatile and allow the printing of physically and mechanically stressed parts. PETG Force is a material composed of 30% glass and carbon fibers which gives the filament extreme properties.

HD PET Filament 1kg
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
This versatile filament can be used for a wide variety of parts such as mechanical parts, decorative parts, food contact parts and also parts that can be placed in a humid and UV exposed environment.
PETG Force™ 1kg Filament
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
The 30% fiber content of this filament enables the printing of articles that are extremely resistant to all types of stress.
PETG Premium™ Filament 1kg
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
With its excellent appearance even at high print speeds, Premium PETG allows a wide range of users to create durable and useful items with outstanding mechanical properties.

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