PLA or polylactic acid filament is the most widely used material in FDM 3D printing. It is bio-sourced and generally created from corn starch, this eco-friendly polymer will suit any user. The different filaments in TAGin3D's PLA range are produced from virgin raw material. The dyes or master batch added to these filaments are developed with the same raw material base to avoid any disturbance during printing. Premium PLA is modified to increase the physical and mechanical properties of the polymer.

NATURAL PLA 1kg Filament
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
Used for printing parts with high dimensional requirements, NATURAL PLA™ is developed for printing technical parts and appearance parts.
Premium PLA Filament 1kg
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
TAGin3D offers the most advanced PLA filament, combining ease of printing and mechanical resistance, to all amateur and experienced users.
Natural Bronze 1kg Filament
0.00 DH 0.0 MAD
Used for the production of heavy parts or appearance parts, prints made with NATURAL Bronze can also be polished to obtain a result similar to traditional bronze.

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