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3D Skin Protect patent

3D Skin protect patent

This innovation in the field of 3D filament production is the result of continuous research by TAGin3D R&D teams.

This process allows to coextrude a thin envelope, 'the skin', around the core of the filament, which enhances and improves
the technical properties.

Limits moisture absorption :

The skin protects the filaments with an outer skin and therefore limits the disruption that moisture can cause on 3D parts printing. 

Protects printers from abrasive fibers :

The protective skin considerably increases the life of your printers and all parts in contact with the filament.

Stiffens the filament :

In order to eliminate the printing irregularities that can result from a flexible filament, our 3D Skin Protect filaments are composed of a stiffer skin.

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